Singer Instant Shower Heater SWH-448EP


  • 5 Spray Patterns
  • Ultra Slim
  • Silver

Rs. 55,900.00

Brand : vxcvxcvxcvc

Product details of
Singer Instant Shower Heater SWH-448EP

:Type: Water Heater (With Preasure Pump)
:Spray Patterns: 5 Spray Patterns (Massage, Mixed, Standard, Soothe, Jumbo)
:Water Flow Rate: 2.0 litre/min
:Pressure Rating: Min 0.1 Bar – Max 6 Bar
:Standards: Thailand, Canada, USA, Malaysia & Singapore Safety Standards, High Quality
UK Technology Heating Element With UL Approved Standard
:Temperature Controls: Temperature Controls
:Power: 220~240V
:Safety / Protection: Triple Safety Protection (Built-In Auto Flow Switch Prevents Over
Heating, Built-In 15mA Sensitivity Electric ELCB, Anti-Scalding Thermal Safety Design),
Built-In Lightning Surge Protector (ELCB), Built-In RCD Residual Current Device (Cut
Off Power In The Event Of Current Leakage), Plastic Stop Valve And None Conductive
PVC Flexible Hose ( Safest & Simplest Solution In Preventing Electrocution To End User),
Dual Temperature Thermal Cut-Off Protector
:Made In: Malaysia
:Package Contents: Shower Unit, Multi-Spray Hand Shower, Slider Rail Set, Hose &
Washer, Soap Tray, Stop Valve With Filters, Screw & Wall Plugs, Operation Manual,
Warranty Card
:Colors: Silver
:Dimensions: 356(H) x 246(W) x 117(D)
:Weight: 4 Kg
:Other Information: Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control, 3 In 1 Compact Stop,
Flow & Filter Valve, 55 Celsius Degrees Anti-Scalding