Pioneer – Wireless Car Phone Charger (SDA-SC510)

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Pioneer – Wireless Car Phone Charger (SDA-SC510)



Overview: The Pioneer SDA-SC510 is a Qi-certified wireless charging cradle for your car. The charging cradle accepts most wireless charging phones up to 3-3/8″ wide. It even works with phones with cases up to 5mm thick. The charger comes with an adjustable suction cup mount, a vent mount, a USB-C cable, and a USB vehicle power plug.

Automatic Load Sensing: The charging cradle features Auto Load Sensing technology which detects when your cellphone is in the cradle and gently closes the side panels to securely hold your phone in place. To release your phone, simply touch the side panel sensor (below the left side panel) and the panels spread apart so you can grab your phone and go. Even if you forget to remove your phone before you shut off the engine, the cradle has a built-in super capacitor that acts like a battery to power the side panels to release your device.

Fast Charging: The charging cradle supports up to 10 watts Fast Charging for Android phones and up to 7.5 watts Fast Charging for iPhone.

Compatibility: The SDA-SC510’s is compatible with most Qi-certified smartphones, including the following models:

  • Samsung: Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S10 series, and Galaxy Note 10 series
  • Google: Pixel 4, Pixel 5, and Pixel 6
  • Apple: iPhone 13 (incl. Pro Max, Pro, and mini), iPhone 12 (incl. Pro Max, Pro, and mini), iPhone 11 (incl. Pro Max and Pro), iPhone SE (2nd Gen), iPhone XR, iPhone XS (and XS Max), iPhone X, iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus)

Charging Note: Phones should not be charged while in a metallic or magnetic case. Some smartphones may have to be removed from their case for charging, depending on its thickness or material.

Construction: The Pioneer SDA-SC510 is designed for use in your vehicle. It is made with automotive-grade materials that can withstand temperature extremes from -14°F to +140°F.

Mounting Options: The charging cradle can be mounted in your car in various ways. The package includes a suction cup mount which can be mounted to your dash or windshield. To place the suction cup on textured dashboards, you can add the included adhesive-backed dash pad for a more secure attachment. The mount arm can be adjusted 180° and extended up to 2″ (from 4-3/8″ to 6-3/8″) so you can find the ideal height and position. You can also install the cradle using the included vent mount which has spring-loaded tabs that hold the mount to your vehicle’s air vent slats. Both mounts attach to the charging cradle via a ball-and-socket fastener. Once attached to the mount, you can rotate and swivel the cradle 360° for best visibility, and for vertical or horizontal screen viewing. A safety strap is included for preventing the mounted cradle from falling.

Note: Some localities prohibit or restrict the placement of objects on the dashboard or windshield. Please comply with your location’s applicable rules and regulations.

Charging Cradle: The SDA-SC510’s charging cradle has powered side panels that open and close for placing and removing your smartphone. The back and side panel feature a silicone pad that protects your phone from scratches, while holding it firmly to the cradle. The panels open to 3-5/8″ to accept the phone. The lock sensor detects when your phone is in place and automatically close the panels to the sides of your phone (down to 2-3/8″). The cradle’s bottom panel adjusts up to 3/4″ for optimum placement of your phone over the charging coil. The cradle’s unlock sensor (to open the side panels) is located on the left side, and the power switch is on the right side. Two LEDs are located along the cradle’s right side to indicate the power and charging status. The cradle has a USB-C input port to accept the included USB cable.

Power: The charging cradle is powered by the included USB vehicle power plug and 39″ USB cable. The plug has two Type-A USB ports. The plug’s power specs are:

  • Input: 12V / 24V DC
  • Output: 5V-3A / 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A
  • Max Total Output: 30 watts
  • Minimum Output: 5 watts