Black + Decker 800W Full Apple Juice Extractor – Stainless Steel

Model : JE800-B5

Rs. 52,400.00

Brand : vxcvxcvxcvc

Product details of
Black + Decker 800W Full Apple Juice Extractor – Stainless Steel

The Black + Decker 800W Full Apple Juice Extractor combines robust power with sleek stainless steel design, offering efficient juicing for a variety of fruits, including whole apples. Here’s a detailed description:

Design and Build: Crafted with durable stainless steel components, this juice extractor features a modern and elegant design that enhances any kitchen decor. Its sturdy build ensures stability during operation, while the stainless steel finish adds a premium touch.

Performance: Equipped with an 800-watt motor, the extractor effortlessly processes both soft and hard fruits and vegetables, including whole apples, delivering maximum juice extraction. It features dual-speed control settings to accommodate different produce textures, ensuring optimal results. The stainless steel blades and fine mesh filter contribute to efficient juice extraction with minimal pulp.

Convenience Features: The extractor includes a large-capacity pulp container, reducing interruptions during juicing sessions. A wide feeding chute allows for easy loading of whole fruits and vegetables, reducing prep time. Cleanup is simplified with dishwasher-safe parts, making maintenance hassle-free.

Safety and Ease of Use: Safety features such as a safety lock mechanism prevent the extractor from operating unless properly assembled, ensuring user safety. Non-slip feet provide stability during operation, while ergonomic handles and intuitive controls enhance ease of use.

Versatility: With its powerful motor and versatile design, the extractor handles a wide range of ingredients, from citrus fruits to leafy greens, offering flexibility in creating various juice blends tailored to individual preferences.

Overall: The Black + Decker 800W Full Apple Juice Extractor combines durable stainless steel construction with powerful performance, making it an ideal choice for those looking to incorporate fresh, homemade juices into their daily routine. Its sleek design, efficient operation, and user-friendly features make juicing convenient and enjoyable.