72/1800mm Regular T. Bar – A090

Rs. 4,300.00


Brand : vxcvxcvxcvc

Product details of
72/1800mm Regular T. Bar – A090

72″ BARBELL BAR: Solid weight bar is compact and convenient enough for all gyms and homes. The lifting bar features a 72 inch solid chromed steel bar with threaded ends.


BENEFITS: Build and engage muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back with the lifting bar. You’ll improve productivity and endurance while boosting metabolism from the energy increase you’ll gain with weight training.


STANDARD WEIGHTLIFTING BAR: Perform a total body workout at the convenience of your own home. Workouts such as squats, deadlifts, rows, bench presses, cleans, etc will provide fast and effective results.


SAFETY: These weight plates are secured with star-locked collars to prevent them from sliding off during the exercise. Only weighing 12 Ibs, it gives the user the option to go as heavy or as light depending on the reps